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    Description game:

    About is a new game on our site You can play free in this game . Very simple to play this game, looks like but it's with worms You start off as a small snake and aim to get bigger through eating food. The goal of the game is to make your snake gain the biggest mass and to reach the first place in the server.The game is fascinating and easy to play.

    With this game, it is easy to play and use. One can easily play it from the very first time.You can play it with your friends or invite them to play with you. You can also register and login at It will help you in sharing your high score. You can change your name or title with your name or your nickname. You can also watch top 10 player’s scores which are available on the right side of the game.
    This game, They can attract the player of every age. Now not only the kids even adults are getting used to these online games such as wormaxio.


    To play this game. You have to control worm instead of a snake with the help of your mouse. Your character will follow your instructions when you go to the stage.
    You use mouse cursor controls all movement of the snake and  You use space bar will allow you to boost your speed at the cost of points.



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