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    Description game:

    Play an exciting new game on our website  - It's game that we bring to you today. is an addictive adventure game that was made by JointSoft. With simple gameplay but extremely fun, this will definitely be a fun experience for io game fans.
    Entering the game, you will compete with all players from around the world in a large arena. You will be equipped with a hammer. You will take a short time to learn how to use this hammer because it will be your main weapon in battles with enemies. Your goal is to dominate the leaderboard, so you need to try to kill the opponent, get scores and dominate in the arena.

    * Tips and Tricks

    - Have to kill to finish off as many hostile characters as possible.
    - Roll out your assault accurately with the hammer
    Are you ready to join Attempt to defend yourself, survive until the end of the match and earn the highest rank! Good luck!

    * Control 

    Use WASD or Arrow keys to move
    Move the mouse to look everything around you
    Press Space bar to sprint
    Click Left Mouse to throw your hammer at the target.

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