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    Description game:

    About is a cool multiplayer soccer game. If you are fans of sports and .io games then the game is for you.
    Your task in this game is to compete in a four-way battle against three other opponents. You must try and eliminate players from your game by scoring goals against them.
    Entering the game, you control your athlete, that's a button. This button has eyes and can move just like humans so you do not need to worry about his performance. And you can control him from start to finish of the match.
    On the playground, you will see the number above the players head represents how many times they can be scored against before they are eliminated. So you must try your best to protect your goal and save as many shots as possible. Do you think you are ready for the exciting soccer matches of If you do, let’s go now!

    * Controls

    Use your mouse to move the character
    Press the left-click button to shoot the soccer ball.

    * Tips and Tricks

    - The more balls meet your goal, the closer you get to the end of your gameplay. When one player is defeated, the other players keep on playing until the match find out whom the winner is.
    - In case your ball stuck at the outside of the goal, you need to try your best to hold it and shoot it away when you have the chance.

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