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    Description game: is an online multiplayer game that developed by Dygn. In this fun 2D battle royale game, you will find all popular game. Your goal is to become the last survivor on the battlefield. 

    Entering the game, you will appear at a random position on the map. You need to collect all weapons, armor, hats, shields, and HP Kits. This item has different qualities and their colors will help you know which a rare item is. Note that you can collect many guns to use. Each gun has different advantages. Using all these weapons to kill enemies a long way.

    The game screen will show information about your weapons and health. In the upper left corner is the mini-map that displays your location, this will help you know where you are on the map. That's the information about this game, now is the time to start trying it!

    * Tips and Tricks

    After finishing a wave, the ring will shrink. You need to move inside the ring if you don't want to lose HP. 


    Use WASD keys to move
    LMB to shoot
    RMB to aim
    Press F key to open a door
    Press F key to pick-up an item
    Press I key to access inventory
    Press M key to open map
    Enter to chat

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