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    This is new game, you can play it and enjoy it on our website for free. Check out site and you can find new io games every day. is an online multiplayer game in which you must compete in rounds of combat and try to be the last man standing. In this game, you must fight against other players and try to survive. If you are killed you will not respawn until the next round. There are many weapons around the map and you can use them to help you in combat. In addition, you can collect a series of mystery crates and health packs – the mystery crates may contain boosts or powerful weapons and the health packs heal your hit points. You need to avoid away from the red zone on the map. Join in this game i hope that you will like it and play many other games on our website. Please enjoy and have ful


    WASD to move
    Shift to spring
    F to interact
    Space bar to dash
    Left click to attack
    Scroll or Q to change weapon

    Tags:, new io games, online game, multiplayer game

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