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    Strategy how to win the map in with 100% result

  is the latest version of the .io game. It is easily addictive. Your goal is to make your colored squares to against other players and joining the board. Snip their lines, do not get snipped, and you can earn many coins and unlock new avatars. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

    The way to occupy space on the board is to move in a rectangle and then move back into your color. Once you close the shape, that space is added to your territory. That space is yours until you die or until another player occupies your place.



    To prevent another player from occupying your space, let's collide through their transparent line if they are outside their territory. You will snip the lines and knock them completely off the board.

    If you collapse headfirst into another player in neutral territory, both of you will die unless you return to your territory in a square of hit. If you crash a headfirst into a player inside your territory, their run will end and your run will continue. Many players do not realize this, so engage players in your territory by pretending that you do not pay attention to them if you want to earn some easy killer.

    Your coin earnings at the end of the round are dependent on how much space you took over as well as how many kills you had. For each kill, you earn 30 base coins. Your base coins for the percentage of territory that you take over are 8 for each one percent if you have over 5 percent of territory, which means that ending a run at 25 or more percent can earn you a huge amount of coins.

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