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    Paperio Game Cheats


    What Tips and Strategies to get 100 In Android, iOS Game?


    How To Play

    To play Paperio game on mobile is essentially the exact same as Your job to cover as many boards as possible with your color before dying. The highest score you can achieve is 100 percent complete. It's rare, but it's possible. This game is available now on Android and iOS as a free download.

    At the beginning of each match, you are a square with bolded color. You use touch control and move your avatart grab sections of turf that must always connect to that initial piece. It is difficult to explain in writing but simple to see in action. The more playground you turn to your color, the higher your score will be.

    When you connect new lines to expand your base, they can break those lines to instantly kill you. You can also cut off enemy lines to kill them and occupy their space.

    How to die in

    When you begin, it seems you are dying. Here is a list of ways that you will immediately lose.

    - If other payers clash with you while you are in color
    - You do not connect your line drawing with bold base
    - A player interrupts your trail.


    How do get Coins in Paperio?

    To get coins, you must cover a large area and take out opponents and Coins are awarded based on your achievements in The number of coins you receive at the end of each round is calculated by multiplying your percentage score by eight, as well as multiplying by the opponent by 30. The total of two in total is the total coin yield. yours. If you see a milestone score while playing, that total can be multiplied by two or three times.

    What is the Purpose of coins

    In this game, you will be able to buy exciting avatars if you get enough coins.
    Costs from about 5,000 to 25,000 coins each. There are also avatars themed around holidays and ones tied to major score achievements.

    The methods best to hitting 100.

    - For cheats, you can disable ads by turning off your Wi-Fi connection and your data.  Turn off those that can keep you focused.

    - Sometimes you will be offered more life if you watch the ad being timed on the title screen. Life is basically a continuation, and that benefit can be worth it. You will not have that option without data.

    - Regarding the attraction of space, it is always a gamble to leave a big road. Instead of dying, just make the smaller boxes more often to keep the opponent away.

    - The only time to grab the majority is at the corner where you can be sure no opponent will cut you. If you can squeeze near the border, do it.
    - Murdering other players is a big bonus, but you should only do it if you see a clear opportunity while getting your own space. If there is a big road with no one around, it can sneak in.
    - Do not get caught watching scores. If you lead, you will have a crown on your avatar.
    - The top left of the match screen shows the best score, the current percentage and the number of times you kill if you must know.
    - Because spawns are completely random, sometimes it's just luck of drawing. If you continue to fail, each match is not much or less than a clean slate to try again.

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