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  is the Best Multiplayer Game of Io games

  game is created by the Developer Voodoo. Today, this game is the best .io ever. Though it took place in the casual gaming industry on the November of last year, but now, it is one of the most top ranking game. Developers Voodoo also keep the game improve with new additions. is a multiplayer puzzle game with a simple concept . With this Paperio game, your mission is to conquer space on a square white paper board. And here, you will control a square and It's always keeps move. The first, you will transfer a colourful box with your character. When your character starts its run, a thin trail will always attach to the box. You have to direct the character to return to the main box claiming some space on the board. You have to block as much as space you can by your own colour. You are always safe in your own box. But, you can move and claim space from others box. Another player can also steal your space. So, you have to be very careful because you have to claim new area and also save your collected space.

    The game control is pretty easy, You can only transfer up and down or left and right by swiping or patting correlate to your prior stand. The game rules are also  interesting. To have more area, you have to kill other players. You have to touch other player’s tail to destroy them. Don't touch other's head and them tail, if not you wil be kill.

    In this game, It is no control on speed, no time constraints and no timing bonuses. You only need to make strong strategies to survive the longest time and to capture the largest area. A leaderboard on the top left of the screen always shows your position which will inspire you to keep playing. When you reached the top place on the leaderboard, you can see a Crown on your characters head! Isn’t it really cool?



    To buy avatar characters, you need lots of coins. You will get coins by the overall score of the game. This score counts by the addition of the percentage of your occupying space x 8, the number of players you destroyed x 20, and the number of collected diamonds x 5. You can also purchase the coins by real money.

    This is game soundless but it is very simple. You can play it online or offline. You can play this game for free on PC and Smartphone. 

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