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    Play this game with the role as King


    In this strategy game by Voodoo, your goal is to outcompete the Al players to take control of the map. You will be able to squash your enemies and command the largest territory?


    Game is retale to Snake


    With this game, the controls are very simple. You move  in the direction swiped. Swipe up to travel up, swipe left to travel left and so on. This game like in Snake, you cannot reverse direction and you die if you cross your tail. So if you mastered Snake on your Nokia phone you will find the gameplay easy.

    In Paper io, you gain territory by enclosing another area with your tail. This can be uncontested white space or an area already controlled by an AI player. Kill competitors by crossing their tails, but be careful as you’ll be killed when a player crosses yours.



    Tips to play success this game:


    - If you are a beginner, you have patient and grow your area slowly. You cannot be killed when you’re in your own territory so use that to your advantage.

    - You need grab land when there are no enemies in sight. The easiest way to die is for a competitor to cross your tail so make full use of opportunities when your competitors are out of sight.

    - You expand along your longer borders. Then travelling a short distance out and along your territory enables you to claim land while being able to swiftly retreat to safety.

  is great for beginners


    To play this game, You don’t need to be connected to the internet. In the current version of the game, you only compete with AI enemies and not real players.  game don't need to register and You can play these game at any time you have free time.

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