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Paper io game cheats



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    Paper io game cheats

    Tips, Cheats and strategies PaperIo Game

    PaperIo is a multiplayer game. Here you control a square that can only move in a straight line. Your goal is to get as many  territory to be part of your area as possible. You must avoid running through other players or you will start over and lose all your progress. You can also choose to attack other players by hitting them from the side and destroying their territory.  To play this game,  you can use's cheat, tips and tutorials.

    Slow but sure

    The safest approach to gaining territory is move slow. There is no time constraint and no time bonus, so move thinking and you will progress. If you are being pursued, return to your territory because you will be safe there. You can attract your enemy, this will give you the chance to kill them, but you can also lose some occupied space if they complete their trail. Think you can always get back the lost territory, but a wrong move will wipe you completely.

    You take advantage of corner and wall areas to get bigger areas faster and less risky. However, be sure to predict the angle of rotation or change direction for the wall because there is a small delay that can lead to a collision-end match.

    See your tail

    When you are encouraged by success, you may be tempted to engage in larger and larger areas before returning to your territory. As you progress, do not let your route off the screen and ensure that it is always fully viewed. An unmanned road makes you a particularly attractive target because there is less risk of retaliation for the attacker.


    Know your goal

    If you want to make the most money you can get a  new avatar. You need remove as many competitors as possible to get multiplier bonuses. You will also earn coins by increasing the percentage of the board with additional bonuses with 5 percent increase to try to push you to those milestones.

    Don a Disguise

    You will make enemies in the game when you play the same territory. Over time, you can meet people who will search you out each time you resurrect. If you find that you are being pursued by the same person every time you reply, choose a new avatar and you can leave the payoff. Their foe. Of course, this will not work for programs because they will simply come after you based on distance, but this tactic will provide some relief from the players. Can really miss you.

    Guide your Square and cover a lot of areas with the help of our hack, cheats, tips and strategies.

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