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Paper Io Game Review



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    Application to review today is This game has over 1 million downloads and is extremely addictive. It is very simple, you collect  as much surface area as possible and survive. They have no real winners and losers in this game but to be the best you have to consume most of the surface area. To control as much area as possible, you will need to remove other people and / or take up other user areas. There are many players on the board at the same time making it more competitive and interesting. Collecting coins after you have been eliminated is what allows you to choose different avatars in the game.

    The main cause why I introduce is because it is so addicting. Whether you play well or bad, you want to go back and do better than before and can also collect coins to unlock the avatar you want to control. The game is colorful and visually appealing. So it does not have to bore you and hurt your eyes. Also it is a strategy game, how would you eliminate your opponent? How will you become the # 1 on the leader board? It is up to you to be at the top.


    With advertisement! Every time you get rid of them is always an ad and it is extremely annoying. The ads are by far the worst thing about Also it would be good to have another component to the game. An example would be team play or play mode to keep the user wanting to play. Free for all formats get a little old after some time and make you feel like more. One negative aspect of the game is that it lags, though not all the time but it can really get annoying when someone is the first or only fun and lag of the game. Make people crash into the wall or be removed by other users.

    To conclude, after playing and reviewing I've rated it to be 3.5 / 5. This rating is based on entertainment, skills, visual appeal, user interaction in the game, and The appeal of the menu. Although there are many ads but it is still an exciting and entertaining game and a great time killer. I recommend playing this game!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  _  Source: selector_