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    Paper IO Game About

    Paper Io - Conquer the territory as much as possible


    PaperIo is an online strategy game where you have to try to conquer as much land as possible. Why? Other players are going to try to do the same and are capable of destroying you if you are not careful. A mistake to move and it is game over.

    To get land in Paperio, all you have to do is enclose a part of the map. It does not matter if part of the map is neutral or belongs to another players. If you manage to surround it, you can ask for it for your "empire." But of course, other players can do the same and will also take away your territory. To get land in Paperio , all you have to do is enclose a part of the map. 



    You will be most vulnerable in while you are in the middle of new lands, because if another player crosses your line, they will destroy you. When you kill another player, you also get extra points according to their size, so it is very tempting to try to destroy other players. presents an original and fun twist on the concept of the 'io' games, a very popular genre on Android. It has great graphics to go along with its addictive and unique gameplay.

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