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    Useful Sites tips, cheats and strategy guide to becoming the King 

    Guide to Becoming The King in The Game is a brand new game by Voodoo. This new game lets you eat anything to grab the crown. The concept of the game is quite unique. To play this game, you control a hole and compete with other players to top the leaderboard. All you need to do is earn more points than others by eating objects such as cars, buildings, trees, and more. If you want to become the King in, then try read some tips, cheats and strategy guide below.

    Understand the basic concept of

    Before starting the game, you should learn the basic concepts of this game. The goal main in here is to top the leaderboard. You will compete against 6 players on the map that to get the crown and the player with most points at the end of the match gets the top rank. However, it would not be easy as it's a very dynamic game. You can eat other players too and they can eat you too. You will have to wait for a few seconds if you get eaten by a player.

    You will compete with other players dure about 2 minutes and within this duration, you have to earn more points. Keep in mind that, at the beginning of the game, your black hole are very small, so look for small objects such as human, poles, dustbins... to absorb them. 

    Target the direction in the first seconds

    After you tap the continue button, you will start after 3 seconds. This is actually the most important part, look around you quickly for small objects and instantly move there after the battle starts. It's called pre-determined strategy. On the other hand, if you start searching after the battle, then other players will leave you behind.

    Don't waste your time

    Each match lasts only 2 minutes, so do not waste time. For every second is very important and in every second your enemy are growing bigger and bigger. So, to transform into a big hole you will have to

    - Eat small objects first
    - Then eat cars
    - Go to the park and eat trees
    - Start eating buildings
    Keep in mind that you should start aggressively, be quick and better than others. 

    Kill your enemies

    One of the best ways to earn more points in this game is you have to earn more points than other players. To do this, you must eat smaller enemies than you. You earn 5-15 points depending on the size of the player. So, to top the leaderboard, don't forget to kill enemies.

    Activating the double bonus

    In game, when you kill back-to-back enemies in few second, you get a special bonus and earn double points. So when you see there are multiple enemies around you and they are smaller than yours, don't forget to kill them. 

    Become the king

    When you are big enough, then don't waste your time in eating small objects, either eat the enemies or buildings or cars.

    Quick tips for the game

    - Target the direction before the match starts
    - In the beginning, eat small objects
    - Eat the cars on roads to earn points quickly
    - Kill enemies to get more points
    - Eat buildings and enemies once you are big enough

     Let' start the tips, cheats and strategy guide to master the game. Please enjoy here!


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