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Cheats and Tips - Guide Game For Beginners



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    Cheats and Tips - Guide Game For Beginners

    Guide Game For Player Beginners is another addictive game developed by Voodoo. This cool game has a pretty fun and unique gameplay. In the game, you will be joined in an arena and compete with other players by controlling your small hole. Your goal is to get the biggest hole and swallow everything in the city before your opponents, so the faster you eat everything in sight, the more likely you are able to hit that 1st place ranking. 

    If you are a beginner playing this game, you will easy to lose momentum and constantly get swallowed by the faster players who know the best tips and tricks already. So, reading this review with some very useful tips and tricks that would ensure you are the winner in the game!

    The map of

    On the map, there are many objects that you can consume. These include people, cones, fire hydrants but NOT lampposts, plants, etc. Your goal at the early stage of the game is to grab as many small objects as possible to get larger at a faster rate than the competition. You have to fight off other black holes as you race to the end to determine who has grown the biggest. 

    How do you do that? 

    - You should go to the best places like the parks that have ample resources for you. Some of the big parks can be found in the top-left of the map, while the center will also have some decent sizes parks. These have people, trees, fences, benches, and so many other items to be fed on. Grab the fences around the park, then move in a square pattern to quickly grab up the trees, buildings, people, light poles, and anything else that's standing there!

    - Your next destination should be on the sidewalks. A sidewalk lined with street lamps or other such objects is great for quickly help you absorb a ton of points in a few seconds.

    - If an area only has a handful of objects then you can move through the buildings, you can freely slide through them instead of following the streets and find a new area.

    Become Bigger

    - In, as you eat your way through the city, you will eventually grow in size until you can even devour buildings for 4 points. 

    - Moving your black hole to the middle of the map, you will be able to eat up vehicles that award you 3 points. The intersection between the streets is a particularly good spawn point for the vehicles. Therefore, you could just remain stationary and the vehicles would literally fall on you.

    - The points you get depend on the size of the player’s black hole but you would still want to take the risk because consuming a player puts them out of the match until they respawn 5 seconds later. Moreover, if you feed the players in quick successions, you get a multiplier on your score so you are awarded many points.

    - This is risky, though, because once you chase a black hole, it will have cleared up things in its path so by the time you reach it; it is highly likely that the black hole becomes even bigger than yours. Therefore, the whole situation is reversed and you will need to run away. This an interesting cat-and-mouse game with both the cat and mouse switching roles frequently.

    Ranking Up

    At the end of the game, for each victory will net you 20 points with second place being awarded 10 points, third place 5 while the 4th and 5th places getting 2 points each. The 6th and the last place receive 1 point for their effort.

    If you reach 50 points, you will unlock a star for your black hole. Once you reach three stars of a given color, the next rank up will bring you to one star of a new color. For example, three bronze stars will rank up to become one silver star. This cosmetic is the only effect of increasing your ranking.

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