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This is new game, you can play it and enjoy it at our website for free. Check out our site and you can find new io games everyday. is an online multiplayer game in which you choose the spacecraft you like and its color then, battle with all other players from around on the world. Your task in here is to destroy enemy ships. Your ship will have its own weapons and skills. You must collect points by destroying the asteroids and enemy spaceships to upgrade the weapons and skills of your ship. Yellow dots are experience points, and green dots give you health. The one who killed you is marked with a red skull, so you can easily find it. Join this game is fun, please enjoy it at here and share with your friends!


Use your mouse to control the spaceship. 
Left mouse click or Q to shoot. 
Right mouse click or W to use ability. 
Space = hold direction. 
1/2/3/4 keys = emotion.

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