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Description game:


This is new game, you can play it and enjoy it at our website for free. is an awesome game, it is similar game but at here you will played in a completely 3D, 360 degrees world surrounded by other players and colourful stars.
Enter in this game, you begin  as the smallest possible size and eat the stars to gain size, one you are bigger than certain players you are able to eat them for a big boots of food. For this game, it has a really helpfull feature that highlight enemy players with a red or green, name depending on if you can eat them or not.
The best strategy in is to be careful however as if they are bigger than you it is you who will be eaten. 
Join in this game and become to the ruler of the universe in Goodluck and have fun!


Use your mouse to move the sphere. Hold left mouse button to speed up.

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