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Description game:


Play the newly added game today on our site. is an interesting multiplayer online fighting game, in which your task is to use your yo-yo to fight against other players and become the leader of the leaderboards.

When starting the game, you need to choose a name for yourself. After creating your name, you jump into this game and join the fight with many other players from around the world. Move your yo-yo move around the map and collect energy particles scattered around. The more energy you collect, the better your chance of attacking enemies by throwing them at them.
Collecting energy particles and attacking enemies, you will get points. Each particle of energy gives you 1 score, killing 1 enemy you get 10 points. And if you have enough scores, you will grow up to a new level. At higher levels, you have as many points as you need to get to the next point.
Besides increasing your yo-yo size, you also increase your attack range, but you will reduce your movement speed with level up.
Note: Need to evade the attacks of the other yo-yo, otherwise you will be lost.

* Tips and tricks:

- You should remember, you cannot attack the enemy when you are moving
- Enemies can appear in any position around you
Join this game and become the leader in the leader board. Have fun with game!

* How to play:

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move your yo-yo
Left mouse button to throw your yo-yo.

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