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Description game: is a similar snake game that similar game, but you can play in the survival Battle Royale mode.

- Before entering the game, you can choose the color of your skin. Select one of the many colors such as red, purple, green...On top of changing colors, you can select different body types and head shapes to create a worm unique appearance. One more interesting thing is that you can choose a flag to represent your country, favorite youtuber or some random meme.

After the color options for your worm, you will enter right into the game. Control your worm moving around the map and don't forget to collect bright diamonds scattered around the map to grow.

The map shrinks over time and you will compete with other players for the victory royale by turn in front of other worms to elimiate them. Then collect the gems from them.

Try to gather as much food as possible in the early part of the game as it will give you an advantage in the end. use the boost to get the super gems if other worms also are trying top eat them.

Note that: your worm will explode if you hit the edge. While the edge is shrinking it is possible to be outside the edge until it has completed the shrinking.

You can unclock crowns if you place high in a round. For example: First, second and third place grants you a gold, silver, and bronze crown, getting 10 kills or more in one round gives you the purple crown. These crowns can then be equipped in future matches.
Join the game and try to become the strongest person in the game. Good luck and have fun!

Tips and Tricks:

- Run over gems that are scattered on the map to grow longer.
- Avoid knocking your head into other worms and the edge of the map.
- Boost to get in front of enemy players, don't get squeezed when the map shrinks.
- If you boost will make you shrink and drop gems on the map so it is wise to only use it when it is necessary. You can boost even if you have zero length.

How to play:

Use your mouse to move the worm
Click to boost

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