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Description game:

Play fun game at our website for free. Check our site and you can find new io games everyday. is a like game in which player have to deal with birds, defend and advance territorial flags to rule the wingdom. To start play, there are 2 teams: red and blue, you have to play with twenty players simultaneously with each side. Here there are system of bonuses that are assigned for the seizure of new territories. You must battle for the enemy flag. Your strength is small. You can improve your performance with potions. Yellow gives a temporary advantage, and  and green increases the health reserve, which allows you to increase the speed. There are also invisibility, protective bubbles and much more. 
Join in this game and play with milions of other players around the world. Enjoy at here and have fun!


Use WAD keys to move your birds
Hold direction keys to glide
Hold flap key to soar

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