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Hi Friends! We are excited to bring you another great game today. It is called game. We are sure you will enjoy plenty since multiplayer fighting games have always been very well received. If you do not understand how to play this game how, then we explain what you have to do and how in this game, so do not worry about a thing! is a new 3D first-person shooter game. The goal is to destroy all enemies during a match. After entering a nickname for yourself. You need to find cool weapons and kill other players. During the battle, you have only one type of weapon, you can find and use first-aid kits and ammunition. On the map have scattered barrels that can be blown up. In order to better manage the cannon in the, we advise you to shoot at one cartridge and quickly click. The rate of fire, in this case, is high and you can move the cursor, which sticks if you hold down the click and shoot the queue. Although the game is not easy to play if  focus your mind on this game, you will win. Start right now, enjoy your time here, please enjoy it and share with your friends!


Use WASD keys to move, 
Left mouse click to shoot, 
Space Bar to jump, 
Shift to run, 
R to reload.

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