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This is new game, you can play it and enjoy it at our website for free. Check out site and you can find new io games every day. is an online multiplayer in which you have to pot standard balls and other players to earn points and level up, increasing your stats and your abilities as you go. On the procedurally generated map, you will find both standard balls and other players. Potting a standard ball nets 25 points and potting players will earn you 100 points and will steal half their score! Every level you can upgrade your stats and every 2 levels you can upgrade an increasingly powerful ability, unlocking a second one at level 12. Join in this game i hope that you will like play it and play many other games on our site. Please enjoy and have fun!


Left Click - Charge Power
Right Click - Max Power
Scroll - Zoom
Q - Ghost
E - Multiplier
W/S - Boost Up/Slow Down
A/D - Swerve Left/Right

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