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Description game:

About is an exciting game that will make you addicted to the first time you play. This game is meet the new spaceship simulator with excellent 3D graphics and multiplayer mode. The battle of the spaceship in space for survival. 

To start this game, you can enter a nickname for you. Then you will participate in training to learn about combat skills and the basics of the game. After completing the tutorial, you will enter a real battlefield. The main goal of the game SpaceWars io is to destroy other players' spaceships and win rounds. 

You can be a good spaceships, or you can be an aggressive spaceships. With cool 3D graphics, smooth controls, and cool gameplay, this is one of the best fighting games you should try. Good luck and have fun!

The game is available for PC and Mobile, Android devices.

Tips & Tricks:     

- Exercise to get familiar with the controls of this game.
- Use the fighting skills to knock down other players.

How to play:

Use the mouse to fly, 
Left mouse click to shoot, 
Left or right arrow to do barrel rolls.

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