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    Description game:

    About is a new game on our site You can play free in this game. This game will take you to the field that has many grass and rocks.  First, you are a small snake, you will eat rocks and grow. Please remember that you can only eat smaller snake than you if no, the game will be end. I am sure that you will have many fun time when you go to our website to play the game!

    The controls of snakes3d Game are similar to other multiplayer games. It is also like wormateio game. You use arrow keys to move your 3D snake and also pick up some mass in order to grow.

    The best strategy of snakes 3d game is to be careful and active in the course of the game. Do not hit your snake with anyone if it will happen then your game will be over.

    Use Arrow keys to play this game.



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