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Play new game and many other .io games at our website Your goal in this game is to survive the attacks from players of the opposite side, while of course attacking them yourself. Eat food until you have a score greater than 10, then get close to an enemy and click to attack. The highest you score can go is 20,000 if you are able to reach the score limit, you will to become "The ghost of the room". As a ghost, you get to do additional things such as turn the light on and off to destabilize the other players. And once you become a ghost, your score doesn't matter anymore, you will only be kicked out of the room of another player becomes the ghost. Join this game are interesting, please enjoy and share with your friends.


Use your mouse to orient your player.
Click to attack (you must have a score greater than 10 to attack);
When you become a ghost, you can use "S" to switch on/off the light, and "Q" to start/stop a room quake (shake the room).

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