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Description 2 game:

Hello IO Games fan!

Today we are very happy to bring you a new game, it is called 2 game. was created by VOODOO, which is the fantastic sequel to the hugely popular multiplayer game.

In part 2, you are assigned a shape and a color. Next, you will be playing against an arena full of other players that come from around on the world. And their goal is the same as you: capture as much territory as possible.

In order to conquer the arena you must move your character and create completed loops - the complete loops convert the area within to your territory. Once you bigger, you get the more you'll want to expand your territory by occupying the territory of other players! Cover your colors into their lands when they when are occupying in another area. However, other players do the same for you, because they come here to have the same goal as you

An interesting thing in this second version is gamplay and movements that are smoother and the graphics have been improved. When entering the game, you can see many other players with different colors and pattern. They are skins of the character. You can make your character become more exciting by unlocking some cool new skins and complete various different challenges. These skins on in the left corner of the menu screen, check it out you will see!

Can you conquer the Paper arena and claim the biggest territory? You can experience this game on all platforms web browser, Android, iOS

Special Features

Free-degree movement
Unlockable new skins
Challenges to beat
Play together with friends!
Fullscreen available

Tips and tricks

- Just overspread the territory if there are no enemies in sight.
- It is quite easy to conquer a large area in corners because you can sure that there are no enemies there to cut you off. 
- Stop looking at the scoreboard because the largest players can be defeated in a moment.

Controls 2

Use WASD or arrow keys or move your mouse to drag your character that up, down, or left, right to form a complete loop. The map will be covered by your color. Continue doing this until you have conquered the majority of the map and become the first person to stand on the leaderboard!

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