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Paper Racer

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Description Paper Racer game:

About Paper Racer

Play online Paper Racer game at our website You can play this game in your browser or mobile as well. Paper Racer is a fantastic racing game in which your task is to ride a motorbike through a series of different tracks and challenges. These tracks designed by other players from around the world, it also gives you the option to build, upgrade and share your own custom track.
To start play, you can enter the career mode and take the tutorials to get used to the game mechanics – the tutorials will show you how to control the bike, and the different elemental affects you will encounter such as gravity changes, guns, bombs, and loops. 

After you have completed the tutorial, you can continue with the career mode and try to complete each level. Each level has different challenges, so you try to overcome all these levels to get the win. Join this game is very superb, please enjoy it and share with your friends!

Controls Paper Racer

Up arrow to move forward
Left and right arrow to tilt
Z or space bar to turn around
Enter Key: The Enter Key Allows Paper Racer players to re-start from their latest check point. 
Backspace - The Back Space button allows Paper Racers to restart from the previous checkpoint
WASD -In Paper Racer, the W,A,S,D Keys serve the same function as the Arrow Controls.

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