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Description game:

*About is an action multiplayer game that was developed by Martin Zulliger. In the game, the player must collect bullets that are scattered around the map. Use it like a shield that fight off the enemy's attack. Don't forget to destroy the enemy and become the winner in the game.
After entering the name and pressing the play button, you control a Nullermand and pick up bullet to protect yourself and shoot the other players. You can pick up to 10 bullets. And the interesting thing is, these bullets are your HP. However, the more you have, the slower you move. So, Let's play your way to win the game.
You can play this game on your web browser or mobile as well. You can also play it by download from Google Play store.


Use WASD to move your character.
Left Click to Shoot

Tips and Tricks

You can kill others by shooting them or going melee.

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