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Description game:


This is new free game Moomoo.iog, played on a site In this game, Your task here is to build your farm to generate points. Please protect your farm from other peoples. Last, you will advance through the ages to unlock new anything. You need gather resources in You have to hit trees, rocks and bushes. You can also attack other players. You can build buildings and items to generate points and protect your farm. Have fun with this game!
To play this game, you can move your mooio character with WASD keys. Additionally, you can use your hammer with the help of mouse to attack others. You can also select an item from a list from 1 to 9 keys. The user can also attack with space and can also gather resources.
The best strategy of this game is to be careful and active in the course of the game. The other players will try to attack you therefore,  you have to become active in order to survive.


Mouvement: W, A, S, D
Look: Mouse
Select Item: 1-9 or Click
Gather/Attack: Left Mouse or Space



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