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Description game:

Welcome to an extremely exciting new game, it's called is a game portal in which you can select a version of a zombie apocalypse and start playing.
When the game starts, you play as a single character and your task is to defend your area against the zombie threat. These zombies will have to spread the virus, so you need to look for a place to survive. To survive, you must collect food and you can also find weapons to defend yourself with against the attacking zombies. With the food, you collect you can purchase upgrades and items including a baseball bat and a crowbar.
Be careful! You need to sure that all barricade every door and use large objects to close any gaps in your defenses. And your character can be used to push against barriers to hold them in place.
All players in the game that will have to find ways to survive from the zombie apocalypse. You can play with a team because the game requires you to work with your teammates. Come and play the game now!

*Tips and tricks:

- Find every way to survive by watch and learn tips of survival and attacking from the other players.

* Controls

Use WASD or arrow keys to move,
Press left mouse button to grab,
Press right mouse button to pick up theitem,
Press G key to drop item.

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