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Description game:


Do you love billiards game? will bring you an interesting billiard game today. This game will make you satisfied as a billiard player, it is called game. This game is developed by Raval Matic and released on December 2018.
Entering the game, you can play solo or with other players. Play with other players that is very interesting. 
VS PLAYER: You’ll be matched with users of similar skill from all over the world.
SOLO: You’ll be able to practice on your own – try to get 2500 points before the timer hits zero.
You will use for both the stick and the table to play with your friends. Please try to win and get 3 stars. To get many points, you need to aim your shot carefully and score the required balls successfully.

If you like pool games, make sure to also try out the game now. We make sure that you will have a great time with this game. Please enjoy and have fun!


Use your mouse to aim,
Drag the left mouse button backward to set power, release it to shoot.

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