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Description game:

Welcome to the, where mini warriors become mighty giants! You can play this game on our website for free. You can play it in your browser or mobile as well. is made by Night Steed Games. In this interesting game, you control a man; you must attempt to grow your size and try to eliminate other players in the arena. Besides, you must collect items around the map and chests - these chests give you rewards and also provide cool weapons and armor for your giant to use in battle. 
To help your man become a strong giant, you need to focus on level up and targeting low-level players early on. 

Join this game is a very interesting game. We think you will love this game and come back to here to play many other io games on our website. Please enjoy and have fun!


Use your mouse cursor around to move your character,
Left mouse button - attack,
Right mouse button - speed boost.

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