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    Description game:

    Welcome to the game! This is a 2d Minecraft Battle Royale game in which your task is to collect iron, gold, and diamond to craft armor and weapons before the forcefield shrinks! Besides, you must fight also other players using TNT, arrows, and your sword to become the 1 Miner! So to have a chance at winning the game, you must collect resources and prepare to fight with other players. When the center of the forcefield becomes very small, you will encounter enemy players. The player with the best TNT and bow shooting skills will probably come out on top! Enjoy this game is very interesting. Please enjoy it and have fun

    How to Play

    Use WASD to move
    Use numbers, scroll or click your inventory to switch items
    Press E to craft
    Press SHIFT to sneak
    Hold left click to break blocks with your pickaxe
    Use left click to place blocks, shoot arrows, and hit players
    Use left click to throw TNT, and use right click to detonate it
    Left click to drink stew and heal
    Drag inventory items to swap their positions

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