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Description game:

This is new game, you can play it and enjoy it at our website for free. This game play can be quite addictive once you get good at matching the candies quickly. In this game, you must battle another player or the computer to complete objectives as quickly as possible to win.  There are 9 levels in this game, you must finish each level to next another level. You must make focus on the objective candies first, then you will move them to match 3 or more candies as quick as possible to have high score. If it possible you will try and get 4 or 5 candies instead of only 3 to have more scores also. For example if you get match 3 gives you 10 points, match 4 gives you 25 points and match 5 gives you 50 points. You will remember this category to play this game. It is very easy to play this game but you must observe, move your candies as fast as possible to have high score, if you don't want to lost. 
The best strategy in is move candies as quickly as possible, you should make a match in less than a second. 
Enjoy this game and have fun!


Mouse to click and move the candies.

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