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Description game:


Play new game at our website for free. Check our site and you can find new .io games everyday. is a "capture the flag" online multiplayer game. In this gam, there are three kind of match: Classic, deathmatch and collaborative. For the classic mode: 2 bases and 2 teams, the victory goes to the one who first grabs the flag and collects 3 points. For the Collaborative mode: Also 2 teams and two bases, the aim is to capture the gold flag and break the defense of the enemy. And for the Deathmatch mode: you must hold the flag for 30 and you will have scores. You can choose one of them to play. 
The controls in this game is use WASD or Arrow keys to move, E to special move, Space bar to pass the flag, enter to chat and T to team chat.
In game you can choose your character with 6 calsses of juke like: Guardian, Ninja, Navy, Engineer, Thief and Hunter. Enjoy this game and have fun with your friends!

Control for

Use AWSD keys or arrow keys to move, E to get super power.

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