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Description game:


Welcome to new game, you can play it and enjoy at our website for free. Check our site and you can find new io games everyday. is a professional Formula 1 race car. Your task in here is drive your car to speed off and bypass rivals to quickly come to the finish flag. You need to must drive as quickly as possible and not crash into the fences. In this game will have 10 racing and each race will only have three laps, so you will have time to catch up with your opponents. The speed on these racing cars is very large so you do not have the right to make a mistake. Join in this game, try to leave the rivals behind, go through the race, Winning the race, earn money and buy new cars. In addition, You can upgrade your car by buying new parts, such as: engine, brake pads, wheels and turbo supercharger. Your car should be the fastest, only so you can win in this game. Please enjoy and have fun!


Arrows to accelerate and slow down.


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