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Description game:


This is new Flaap io game and you can play it and enjoy it online free on is one of addictive online games you should try once time to self-verify its attractive points.
It is a copy of one of the most addictive games that is, flappy bird. The user has to control the bird which is not a child’s play. The users try to score as much points as possible but they die again and again. At the beginning, they cannot go farther and lose the game. You have to controls the bird after putting your name in the game. Your scoring depends upon the number of pipelines you pass. You can transform your bird in this game if you get more than ten points.
The best strategy of Flaapio game is to be careful and active in the course of the game.


Use the click of the mouse in order to fly the bird and save it from the pipes.



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