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Hi Friends! This is a new great game, you can play it for free at for free. You can also play it in your browser or mobile as well. is a massive - multiplayer online competitive game where you can use your character to slice others in half. The farther up you go, the stronger other characters are, but the more mass you'll attain. You need to use your drill's head to bite off other's tails and gain mass. The farther up the drill, the stronger. Green blocks are used to slowly gain mass, while the red blocks are used to launch into larger players. Note that use you are strongest at your head and weakest at your tail. To get the win in the game, you need to must eat larger snakes at the back of their tails for a quick boost in score.
Join this game is very interesting, try to become the winner in the game. Please enjoy it and share with your friends! Have fun!


Use A & D to turn, W to boost, and S to stop

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