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Play new game at our website for free. Check out our site and you can find new io game every day. Doodly io is a game of drawing and guessing multiplayer in which the goal of the game is to collect points and communicate with other players. In the game, the player must grasp the rules of the game. That's one player draws a picture, the other players must guess and write a word, who will guess faster, gets points. Then you draw and others guess. Join the game draw and guess with your friends is very fun. Please enjoy and share with your friends!


Use your mouse to draw, 
Keyboard to guess,
Hotkeys: 1 - 5 or mouse wheel to brush size, 
B to brush, D to black color, E to eraser, F to fill tool, G to white color, Z to undo, X to switch the color of a color pair.

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