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Description game:


Welcome to the game! you can play it and enjoy it for free at our website You can play it in your browser or mobile as well. is a fleet-based space combat game in which you have to with other players from around the world to get the win in the game. 
Start the game, you can choose for your ship's color such as green, orange, pink, red, yellow...and play. Accumulating your fleet over time by attacking enemies, leveraging the individual directionality of your fleets bullets to outmaneuver your enemies and destroy them. Don't forget to collect special power-ups, because it helps your fleets grows in power, and allowing you to take on the most difficult foes. 
During the battle, be wary of other players while your fleet is too small, as they can easily take advantage of your small numbers to destroy you. 
Join this game is very interesting, bullets that hit other players give you more ships! Kill other players to gain points. We hope you enjoy this gaming experience if you decide to play this game. Please enjoy it and have fun!


Use the mouse to move your ships,
Press space or click the mouse to shoot,
Press S for a speed boost. 

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