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Description DatTank.IO game:

About DatTank.IO

Play a new great online game here on our website for free. DatTank.IO is a free multiplayer browser game. Jumping the game, you need to select your tank, then fight in the arena with other players. The goal in here is to eliminate as many enemy tanks as possible and increase your score to become the winner. 
You can work with other players like in a team. With 4 teams red, green, blue and orange and you will be randomly assigned to these teams. Control your tank move around the map to destroy the enemy. Collect health packs and ammo packs to upgrade your tank. Don't forget to prevent cannon overheat cause than you'll have to wait a bit before shooting again and this can cost you one life! 
The game has beautiful 3D graphics, surely this shooting game will be a fun experience for you. If you love this game then try to play now! I sure that you will have a great time with this game. Play with your friends that is very interesting. Please enjoy and have fun!

Controls DatTankIO

Use AWSD or arrows to move your tank,
Hold Space or mouse button to shoot
Health and Ammo can be regenerated by driving over hp/ammo packs.
Level up your tank by getting more score and improve your tank speed/gun power/armor, etc.

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