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Description game:


Welcome to, an epic multiplayer io game for everyone to enjoy. This game is made by Hidden Monster Games. In the game, you must compete against 5 other players, trying to survive the longest and steal points from them.

Before jumping into the game, you can customize your in-game avatar as well as your curve with fun skins. Next, you can select "Quick Play" to play against other online players or " Custom Rooms" where you can create a private room and invite your friends to play.  After everything is ready, you will be involved in the battle immediately. You will attack others for points while simultaneously dodging newly laid trails, traps, and attacks. Your purpose here is to reach the number of points necessary and to survive each round with your opponents. But don't forget to also protect yourself from attacks and traps that will steal your hard earned points! Let’s come and prove to the other players that you are the one who is leading the game here! Have fun! is now available at You can play and other io games anywhere as you desire.


- Avoiding the trails left behind by opponents
- By all means, you must steal points from other players for your first goal.
- You can shoot opponents or lay traps and bombs in their path to steal points from them.


Left/right arrow or A/D to steer the airplane
Up/ down arrow or W/S to use equipped power

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