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Description game:

Hi everyone! is a new multiplayer game, the game has unique gameplay that sure a fun game for gamers who love io games. Entering the game, You start with a single person, moving around the streets. The game is very interesting when your character meets a group of people who are also moving on the road. By all means, you need to convince them to join you. The more you convince people, you will quickly become the largest crowd on the street.

The game will give you a random color, maybe you are designated yellow, blue or purple ... And when you reach a person or a group of people agrees to join the group with you, immediately them will become the same color as you. You should remember that the more people you run into, the bigger your crowd becomes, and then, if there are other groups that have more members, yours will be consumed completely and you will have to start from scratch. So you must try to become a winner.

Join the game and try to become the top group on the leaderboard. Have fun!

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