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Description game: is an online multiplayer game that takes inspiration from the legendary Minecraft. This game is made by Loonride. In the game, you start with are a pickaxe and sword, then you have to move around the map and try to collect gold to spend in the shop and get on the leaderboard.

However, to survive in this game requires you to fight against other players. So you need to craft swords, bows, armor, TNT, and more. Besides, you can also farm, build a base, and sell items in the shop to protect your resources and gain more gold. You can use mob spawners to collect items and XP, and spend your XP to enchant your items! Join this game try to become the number one player.


Use WASD keys to move
Left mouse button to attack or gather or place a block
Number keys to switch an item
Shift to sneak
E to open the crafting/shop menu

Tips and Tricks

- Try to find as many resources as possible to craft tools and weapons.
- Try to find a mob spawner and build a base near it.

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