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Description game:

* About is a cool robot multiplayer game in which your task is to compete against other players to be crowned king of the arena.
Entering the game, you need to select three abilities then enter the arena and battle other bots. Your bot will have some unique abilities including over 20 different abilities that they work very effectively in combat. So, use your abilities to defeat other bots in the area to win. 

The game has 2D graphics that are simple, but the multiplayer gameplay is really fun. We think that is a game that you can't miss. Can you conquer the BotBattles arena? Join the game now!

* Tips and Tricks

- The abilities that you choose is very important because it decides your victory in the game.
-  There are some abilities are great for defense, others are attacked, others are instant move. So combine these abilities together to fight against enemies. Good luck and have fun!

* Controls

Use WASD or arrow keys to control the movement
LMB, RMB, or space bar to attack

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