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Description game:

About is a game on You can play in your browser for free. Bonk io - multiplayer bouncing balls game. it is one of the famous game. With this game, It is can afford eight players at one time. Player can combat with his friends and foes from anywhere in the world .
In this game, you get a ball and play against other online players , the last one to survive win the round or level. The one that win most levels win the game.

To play this game, you can use arrow keys to move its game character. Additionally, hold X key to make yourself heavy from others. In order to get momentum you have to become heavy. Then you can bump into your foes and it will be difficult for them to push you. They will also not be able to move you. If you want to win the game you have to push your enemies to the borders. The last man who survives win the game.


Use Arrow keys to play this game.
You move your jumping ball character with joystick. Hit other players by moving or jumping your character.


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