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Description game: - an addictive underwater game that we will bring to you today. The game is a very exciting underwater adventure. In the game, you will be controlling a fish queen. Your task is to collect as many pieces of the scattered foods that are floating and spawning the different fishes in order to grow hordes of strong fishes. You can also call these hordes of fishes as your armies as well.

The game will allow you to link to many different fish species because this will help you to create stronger fish and they will also become powerful variants. You will not stop to fight against other players to protect your Queen Fish and to take the spotlight and become the best player of all time.
Note that: The game will end if your Queen fish dies. So, by all means, you have to protect your fish queen.

The game has two exciting game modes, Neutral fishes, Beautiful Oceanic environment and even more. Join this game and see if you can become the Queen Fish of ocean dominance in Have fun!

How to play

Use the left-click button to attack the other fishes.
Use the right-click to start merging fishes.
Hold the right-click button to devour.

Tips and Tricks

- Try to defeat the other player's Queen Fish and grab their school - this is the fastest way to grow your school bigger.
- Collect free ocean dwellers - they will join your school.

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