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Description game:

This is new game, you can play it and enjoy it at our website for free. Check out our site and you can find new io games every day. is a great game about building a base and destroying opponents. Your task in here is to control of an army of ants, collecting resources to building walls and defenses to keep your headquarters safe. The game ends when this headquarters is destroyed. So you have to survive and defeat as many enemies as possible.
To play, first you need to choose a place where you build your main building, it's the headquarters.  Click on building and select workers on the menu. Aim ready workers and mines to get resource. There're 3 types of resources: yellow, green and purple. Next, you can build your soldier units: stronger and faster ones. Join this game is interesting, please enjoy this game and share with your friends!


Use arrows to move cam
Mouse to manage units and buildings

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