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Description game:

Play a new great game Alienate io added today on our website for free. This is a new multiplayer online 2d shooter game in which you run and jump on platforms shooting down your enemies to become the king of the match.

Enter the game, you can choose one of 5 aliens, each of them has its own skills. The goal of this game is to destroy as many other aliens as possible, score the most points and survive as long as possible. To do this, you need to run around, shoot other players, throw grenades, collect better weapons. Upgrades and all kinds of gross alien baddies to destroy all other aliens.

Join this game that is a multiplayer IO game filled with players, monsters, and aliens from all over the world. So, you will need to sharpen your skills as a sniper, a shooter, and a blocker. Please enjoy and have fun!


Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, left mouse click to shoot, right mouse click to melee, mouse wheel to throw grenades.

 Cool 2D platform shooter.

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